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You never know who you might run into


Running in a new city is so fun — I love the sense of exploration, the ability to cover ground quickly (well, more quickly than when I’m walking) and the discovery of different neighborhoods.

Today I headed west of our apartment on Cramerstrasse, which I’d never done before (Stelian’s work, the lake, and everything else we’ve checked out has been to the east). Within a few kilometers, I ran into a park that had a fenced-in area with a number of different farm animals, such as donkeys and chickens. A nice surprise in the middle of the city.

A little further along my route, I ducked into a cemetery, and soon found myself standing before Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross. How cool is that? His grave was immediately recognizable as that of a rich and/or famous person, as it was huge and important-looking. A number of stones, painted white with red crosses, had been placed at the foot of the grave, perhaps by schoolchildren. I didn’t take a picture (maybe I need to start bringing a camera on my runs), but a Wiki image is here.

The chap who maintains the blog Swiss Watching (he also authored a book by the same name), wrote an interesting post on the dead and famous in Switzerland. Leah, perhaps when you visit Zürich, we should go and say hello to James Joyce in Friedhof Fluntern?

5 thoughts on “You never know who you might run into

  1. Anyone want to get into the who vs. whom debate? I am pretty sure that, according to the rules of English grammar, it should have been “whom” rather than “who” in the title. But in instances like this one, the use of “whom” seems far too awkward. Should one choose proper grammar over awkwardness?

    • Perhaps it should have been: One knows not whom they may encounter

      That does sound a little gaudy though, I liked your title better!

      That’s really cool that they have fenced in farm animals in Zürich, the Public Gardens in Halifax has a little area which sounds similar with ducks and geese, which is a far cry from farm animal, but still a little bit of rogue wilderness for the urbane.

      10 days (or is it 11 now?) later, and the only mention of Swiss dairy has come in liquid form. I want to know about the semi-solids! The semi-solids!!! 🙂

    • You could probably quote Churchill and his “up with which I will not put” to justify your title.

  2. That’s awesome that you live so close to Henri Dunant’s grave. I think it would be pretty inspirational to be able to run or walk by his grave from time to time. He is kind of like a symbol of how good intentions can sometimes find a way to manifest themselves into something much bigger than yourself – often in a completely unexpected way.

    Zurich sounds amazing so far, I think you guys are going to have a wicked time there. I’ve really been enjoying all of your blog posts so far – keep it up!

  3. Joyce’s grave is on my sightseeing list. Can’t wait to visit! I wish you good luck with the apartment hunting…hope you end up with a place that makes you both happy.

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