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I know what some of you are thinking while reading my blog.

You’re thinking, “Enough of your endless yammering…show us some pictures!”

Come on now, Reader — is the digital camera lens really mightier than the plastic laptop keyboard? I don’t know the answer to that, but today I took a bunch of pictures during an enforced long walk outside while the cleaning lady did her thing. So I’m going to conserve 7,000 or so words and just show you the following. Enjoy!

The sort of fountain I was talking about yesterday

Churches play peek-a-boo all around the city.

A nice neighbourhood near the See

Swans and other birds having lunch

Stelian's workplace -- do the ears look familiar?

A nice place to go dancing?

7 thoughts on “Snap-happy

  1. Great photos! In that nice neighbourhood by the See, why are there so many different lines on the road?

    • Honestly, Leah, I have no idea what’s going on with the roads — this is why I have trouble crossing them!

      Another interesting thing about this picture, though: the building on the right was formerly a Methodist church but is now a restaurant, and a famous one at that. It’s called Blinde Kuh (, and when you go there you eat in total darkness, and you’re served by blind or only partially-sighted servers. I’m sure it’s quite an experience!

  2. I enjoy the words just as much as the pictures. With benefit of the pictures, the post about the churchbells comes into “focus” – was that seven different steeples?

    • Yes, that picture is a good representation of the many churches in the area. It’s hard to believe I have not seen the inside of any of them yet! But they are great to look at from the outside…and nice to listen to, when it’s not 7 am.

  3. Love your pictures. Zurich is a beautiful city to explore according to your camera and yes, the ears made me wonder, before I looked at your remark, if that might be Mickey’s house.

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