Chronicles of a writer abroad

Apartment pictures


Sorry for my lack of posts…things have been busy. We got the keys to our apartment yesterday (Friday), and spent some time there planning where things will go when our shipment gets delivered on Monday. I also took some pictures, to help you imagine where we’ll be living. Enjoy!

Kitchen (with balcony to the left)

Dining/living space off kitchen

Office/guest room

Bedroom (with another small balcony)


Looking up the street from the bedroom balcony


6 thoughts on “Apartment pictures

  1. Love the open, empty rooms. You hardly ever get to see that. Makes me want to slide all over the place, or have a game of hand hockey with a tennis ball!

  2. What a gorgeous apartment! Everything looks so modern and sleek, just in time to receive your furniture, too. This will be an exciting few days while you settle in but we know you will be happy in such a lovely spot.

    How did the German lesson go? I never have been able to figure out why that language had to stick the verb at the end of the sentence!

    • German lessons are going pretty well so far. Our teacher is a polyglot who can even converse with employees in Russian…his mother tongue is German, and he’s pretty passionate about sharing it with others. The sentence structure is certainly weird at first…but you after a while used to it get 🙂

  3. Looks beautiful! I like the two balconies. Can’t wait to visit!

  4. Looks great! I can imagine how beautiful your street view will be once the trees are full out. Enjoy and good luck with the furniture “move”!

  5. It looks wonderful! Congratulations on the work to find it… I expect you’ll be happy to be in your own place with your own things! It is great to have the photos so we can picture you in your new place. The street view is different from our Canadian cities – makes me want to go for a walk!

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