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A Walk in the Woods


(Disclaimer/Rambling Preface: the title to this post is a Bill Bryson reference — you may have noticed that I like to rip off one thing or another in most of my titles. I must inform you, with regret, that this post is not likely to achieve one-tenth of the humour of the Bryson book of the same name. Terribly sorry about that. For those of you who haven’t read A Walk in the Woods, I suggest you do: it’s truly hilarious).

I was pretty bummed when I realized that Stelian left for the UK without taking our shared camera. I would like to know what Brighton, England looks like — especially after Stelian has informed me that it’s in some ways the Las Vegas of the UK (as he put it, “what happens in Brighton, stays in Brighton”) and that the hotel room he’s staying in looks like a love nest from the 1970s.

Oh, well — the camera was with me, so I decided to take you along on a walk today. This is a forest near our house — I typically run in it, but today I walked, because I’m afraid of running with the camera. I hope you enjoy the scenery…I know I did.

Welcome to the woods


Ready to choose your own adventure?

My chosen path led me to the shanty town of Zürich North. What — you haven’t heard of the raging poverty that exists here in Switzerland?

Okay, those are not shacks. Well, they are…but for gardening, not for people to live in.

But some of them are quite nice. And, I’m convinced that they’re also larger than the average Vancouver shoebox condo.

Now we come to the deer park. Could this walk get any better?


Hello, Deer - how was your day?

I love these animals.

After tearing myself away from the deer, I came across this. Seriously? Who buys spray-paint with this kind of graffiti in mind? Only in Switzerland…

After this, I pretty much turned around and went home — keeping a sharp eye on the competition.

Just kidding: I could never keep up with these runners.

Thanks for joining, and I hope your Thursday is a pleasant one too!


7 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. It will be interesting to see the trees in leaf when spring comes – lovely paths.

    Wonder why the deer have ear tags? They are very pretty animals but I wonder what the gardeners think of them. Are they close by? Victorians have a love/hate relationship with urban deer – pretty but voracious!

    • These deer are in an enclosure — you don’t see it because I was shooting pictures through the fence. So they don’t have an opportunity to get to the gardens, thankfully. Not sure why they need to be tagged…

  2. What great photos, I love the very first one.
    You have a forest “near” your home?
    I never know how to take that from a person who can run 10k without batting an eye. How near is near?

    • This forest begins less than 2km from our apartment. In fact, there are a few different forested areas within that distance — check out our address on google maps sometime and you’ll see them!

  3. Cute deer. There are deer near the park by our house. Leah won’t let me try and pet them. Are there many trails near where you live?

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