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A reasonable balance of photos and text


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some pictures with you. I uploaded a bunch from my camera last night, and realized that you might appreciate seeing some of them.

But I gotta hit you with some prose at the same time. You know how it is. I can’t just let you look…I can’t just show without telling a little bit, too.

So settle down, class. Let’s get started. Here is a picture of Zürich at dusk that I took a couple of weeks ago.

Notice how we’re up above the city — and the River Limmat — a little bit here. There is a very nice square up here, with the usual decorative fountains and benches for people to relax on, and take in the sights.

Looking south from the same square, you can see the twin towers of the Grossmunster.

Let’s change gears, from pleasure to pain. Here is an example of these running paths in the forest that I keep complaining about:

Yeah: I keep denouncing them, and then I keep going back for more. It’s that kind of relationship.

Ooh, and we had a renovation! Renovations are really fun, I’ve realized, when you don’t have to do any of the work. When we moved in, our landlords mentioned that they we’re going to enlarge one of our balconies (come on, as if we’re not already so lucky to have two balconies). Anyway, they did it, and it was painless for us, and also pretty exciting. Here’s a picture of the balcony before:

That’s right — it wasn’t the prettiest balcony (the pretty one is on the other side, facing the street). Knowing how things can get hopelessly mangled in translation, I wondered if what they actually planned to do was just update it a little. Could it really get much bigger?

The answer is yes. Oh my, yes.

Here is Cleo luxuriating on our new patio. I don’t think we can call this thing a balcony, anymore. It is huge. You can certainly eat on this thing…and you will, if you visit us during nice weather (and after we’ve bought the necessary furniture). Al fresco dining! You won’t have a view of the Alps, I’m sorry — our building forms a triangular enclosure with some other buildings, so all you’ll see is them. But still…al fresco!

Here’s another view of the new structure, from inside. That feline lump is Cleo, again. I don’t know what happened to her eyes. Sometimes their reflective light gets sucked into to the black hole of her dark-as-night fur, I guess. I’m not freaked out by it anymore.

Finally (the bell is about to ring, but please just stay in your seat for a minute or two longer), we celebrated the Vernal Equinox yesterday by going to the Zürich zoo. It sits atop the city on the Zuriberg. It has great views, an impressive variety of animals…and it attracts an impressive number of human animals speaking an impressive variety of languages. (Want to experience a babel of language? Go to a zoo in a country that has four spoken languages, and attracts tourists from around the world).

We saw lions…

And tigers…

And the most adorable little baby goat.

What — was that supposed to end differently?

Class is dismissed. Now go and enjoy Spring!


5 thoughts on “A reasonable balance of photos and text

  1. Love it! Thanks for the great photos! So glad to see Cleo in her new balcony/perch. How about Cleo? Does she not go out there? We’re trying to enjoy Spring–damp, cold and blustery today on the first official day of spring. But there are nice days to come, we are sure. Can’t wait for the trails to dry up so we can get back out on them ….

    • Miko does go out…just not as much as Cleo. Sorry to hear your weather hasn’t been great — too bad it wouldn’t cooperate for Heather’s birthday.

  2. Your landlord must have won the lottery in order to pay for your new patio. What an improvement and even Cleo approves.
    We had a wonderful 5 days on the west coast with the Clarkes Jr., including Jessie and Chili too. Rain off and on but we west coasters are tough, as you know, and Saturday night before we left, the sun set over the Pacific while we watched. Not too hard to take.
    Zurich is such an interesting city: a river, friendly squares, balconies, a zoo and a generous landlord.
    Leah and Ryan are coming for dinner on Saturday, so we can hear her travel plans. I guess she will be your first house guest.
    Love to read your posts – keep them coming please. xo

    • Hi Nana — I enjoyed hearing about your trip through everyone’s facebook status updates. Sounds like it was a great time! It’s been beautiful here: nice weather to enjoy the city and the new balcony. So, we can’t complain either.

  3. I really liked that class, Kristen. I know naff all about Zurich, and am now scuttling off to Google the grossmunster….your forest looks like my forest in the UK; I love the photos of the city and Cleo alike. What a lovely post!

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