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With great sugar comes great responsibility


We received a slip in our mailbox on Friday afternoon, summoning us to the post office to pick up a package. We’d have to wait until Saturday morning to find out what it was — few things in life are so suspenseful. We were not expecting a package, and we thought it might be related to my bank card being returned to me, but those expectations were dashed when we saw that it was a fair-sized box. And oh, were its contents ever exciting:

Our friends who visited from Germany a few weeks ago very kindly surprised us by sending brown sugar and chocolate chips, two things which we don’t have access to here, but they apparently can get in their country.

I know — Switzerland might as well be called “Land of Chocolate.” But chocolate chips don’t exist here, and if you’re going to make chocolate chip cookies (which, for obvious reasons, also don’t exist here), you need to have the real deal. I have lovingly captured their likeness on film, for I know we won’t have them to look at long:

And the sugar! I had forgotten how smooth and uniform real brown sugar is. Here is a comparison of the stuff we received, and a batch of my bootleg brown sugar:

Okay — enough with the pictures. I am writing this because I need help. Obviously, I am going to need to combine these ingredients into a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies (and soon, because there is otherwise a risk that I will just eat all the chips, handful by handful). But I don’t have a killer recipe, and I can’t afford to take chances here. Think of this like a wartime ration situation. This stuff needs to be put to good use, because who knows when I’ll have these ingredients at hand again (okay — family members visiting next month will be bringing more brown sugar, but that’s, like, next month).

To quote Eminem: “Success is my only m*****f***ing  option.” I’m pretty sure he was thinking about a baking predicament when he wrote that.

So, if you’ve got a no-fail chocolate chip cookie, please shout it out in the comments, or send me an e-mail. Yes, I could just find a recipe on the internet, but I trust you more. (One warning, though: if your recipe is a disaster, I might have to blog about that. Just kidding. Sort of.)

10 thoughts on “With great sugar comes great responsibility

  1. My sister has one: I’ll ask 🙂

  2. Hahaha I was reading your blog on my iPhone and literally just burst out laughing in a crowded waiting room!

    Can’t help with the recipe but thanks for the laugh Kristen 🙂

    • I can just see *and hear* your laughter … such a random event … tall guy laughing out loud in waiting room >> what will he do next?

    • I aim to entertain…glad it made you laugh. Perhaps I should change the site’s tagline to “Making paramedics laugh since 2011.”

  3. Hi Kristen, I will send you the Joy of Cooking tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. They take a bit of tweaking on the baking temp and time. I suggest you bake them in batches of six to get the kind of cookie you want. I like them still soft in the middle but not so half-baked that they bend when you pick them up after cooling off. Have fun!!

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