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Post-election soundtrack


I am not going to comment in my usual long-winded fashion on the results of the May 2nd federal election in Canada. I just want to say: damn. Crap. Darn. This wasn’t what I was hoping for, and I feel especially bummed since I didn’t even get to vote.

For those who are not up to speed, the much-reviled (at least from where I stand) Canadian Conservative party won a majority of seats in our House of Commons yesterday. Although only 40% of Canadians voted for them, they now have a strong mandate and the ability to cancel arts/faith/prevention programs, give tax breaks to big corporations, build American-style mega prisons, and spend tons of money on fighter jets.

But, my fellow Canadians, let us not wallow in anger and spite. I am here (well, okay, I’m not physically in Canada, but emotionally I am beaming you support) and I have a way for us to turn this anger and misery into a game.

Yes, you read that right. A game.

I have been spending too much time on Facebook, and while most of my friends are posting angry messages about the failures of our first-past-the-post system and their hatred of Stephen Harper, others are still playing the “30 day music challenge,” wherein a different song is posted every day for a month, in response to a specific prompt. The juxtaposition struck me as odd, until I had a flash of insight: I could combine the two. Bitterness at political outcomes and music combined into a game? I don’t see it, you say.

Well, here’s how it works. This game is open to all political stripes (yes, conservatives  welcome — I am trying mightily to understand your point of view). We’ll choose 2 songs for each of the 3 main federal parties: one song that we think represents how they might be feeling after the election, and a second song containing a message that we would like to send to them.

Here, I’ll go first.


Song I think they might be playing for themselves:

Didn’t We Almost Have It All, by Whitney Houston

Song I wish they would listen to instead:

Move on Up, by Curtis Mayfield

The fallen-from-grace Liberal Party

Song I think they might be playing for themselves:

Misunderstood by Bon Jovi

Song I wish they would listen to instead:

If You Tolerate This, by the Manic Street Preachers

And, last but not least, The Conservatives

Song I think they most definitely are playing for themselves:

We Are the Champions, by Queen

Song I would like to dedicate to them instead:

Forget You, by Cee-lo Green

Please feel free to share your song ideas (you don’t have to have a full set; I understand some of you are living busy lives) in the comments. I may come up with better ones myself; I really just wanted to start this game, which I think might be very fun and cathartic for the Canadian contingent of my readers! (Pat, here is your official challenge to bring us a hip-hop version).


13 thoughts on “Post-election soundtrack

  1. That’s an upbeat way to beat the ballot blues!

  2. I thought about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Forget You for Iggy; he gave it his best and can’t connect with voters. The whole Lib party needs a serious rethink and the kingmakers need to be shown the door.

  3. This one’s for Jack with a shout out to Leah!

  4. Now, someone needs to meddle a bit with Mr Harper’s circuitry and put this little number on repeat. WARNING: hugs interfere with his circuitry, find other means to embed this

  5. Challenge accepted!

    The NDP

    Song I think they might be playing for themselves:

    Song I think they should be listening to:

    The Liberals

    Song I think they might be playing for themselves:

    Song I think they should be listening to:

    (It’s not hip hop, but it’s relevant because of the constant refrain “I don’t belong here”)

    The Conservatives

    Song I think they might be playing for themselves:

    Song I think they should be listening to:

    • I love your choices!

      • Thanks,

        I think the Darth Vader rap is probably the most fitting of my choices.

        I liked your choice of Imagine by the Beatles, the lyrics interpret the sentiment of the 60% of our country who did not vote for Harper very nicely!

      • That Darth Vader song is HILARIOUS. Truly. And so fitting!

    • Awesome responses! Pat, I still have to listen to all your songs, but right off the bat, the choice of Radiohead is brilliant. “I don’t care if it hurts / I just want to have control”

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