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Cleanin’ out my camera

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Sorry for the low post frequency lately. Things are busy — I’m gearing up for a writer’s workshop and the arrival of family next week!

It’ s been awhile since I’ve done a photo dump, so here are some pictures from recent days…

First, I managed to take a good shot of Miko. This is amazing, since usually all shots of her are blurred, because she can’t stay still. But a few days ago she did stay still, long enough for me to take this shot:

Aw — the camera loves her!

Here is my neighborhood on a spring evening:

And here is some more happy graffiti 🙂

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read the street sign — this is Venusstrasse. With scores of leafy trees and beautiful old houses, I’d say it’s aptly named.

Now, admit it — you wish the high school you went to looked like this.

Well, I do. It’s very Harry Potter-esque, no?

And finally…I have been spending some time here, as I try to get back in shape.

It’s a view that I’m tiring of.

Happy weekend!


One thought on “Cleanin’ out my camera

  1. These are wonderful! Miko is beautiful, and that’s such a full-on shot; the happy graffiti has the unsettling effect of making a 44 year old housewife want to go out and do the same: and the school looks like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

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