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Looking forward

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I will offer two excuses for my silence this week. The first is that I’m not really living in the present moment — in defiance of the advice regularly proffered by healthy-mind gurus, I’m living life looking forward to my trip next week — I just can’t wait to see my family members on the West Coast, and also enjoy the region’s food and scenery. Then I get to fly to Ontario a few days later and do it all again.

The second excuse is that I’ve snagged a copy of Freedom from my library, and I’m trying to race through it now so that I don’t have to lug it along with me on my travels. After all, it would be unwise to stuff my luggage with 500+ page books when I could instead fill it with Swiss chocolate, no? 🙂

Hope you have an excellent weekend!


One thought on “Looking forward

  1. Oh yes please – Swiss chocolate sounds much better that books. Besides, we do have books on the west coast 🙂
    We are counting the days till you get here. What airline/flight are you booked with? I could maybe track your progress to Vancouver.

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