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Worms & thanks


Happy Thanksgiving, my dear Canucks!

Now, I’d like to ask you something, and I’d like you to please answer honestly. Aren’t you a little tired of eating pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner dessert year after year? I mean, sure, it’s delicious, but how about trying something different for a change? How about finishing your Thanksgiving meal with one of these:

What’s that you say? You’d rather not, because it looks weird and scary?

Well, I decided, in the name of intrepid blog-reporting, to go for it. Okay, it was mostly because I wanted to join in on Thanksgiving, and because there are no pumpkin pies or cans of pumpkin puree in Switzerland, so if I wanted a pie I’d have to hack up my own gourd. And that…just seemed like too much work. Especially when Stelian is not a big fan of the orange stuff.

So instead, I decided to indulge in what the Swiss eat at this time of year (meaning fall, because today is not a holiday for them). What you see in the picture above are vermicelles – worm shaped strands made from a paste whose main ingredient is chestnut. Here you see them in a tart, but they also appear atop cakes. The tart form seemed more pure to me, so I opted for it.

I imagine that this dessert is really fun for kids to eat, for a few reasons. First of all, these strands are named after worms, they look kinda like a pile of worms, and you can pick them apart with your fingers and do all kinds of weird things with them. Secondly, because they’re very sweet. When eating them, I detected a slight chestnut flavour, but also the presence of butter, flour, and a looootta sugar. (N.B.: that is not a complaint, unless you are my dentist, in which case, I did not approve of the sugar content, and brushed my teeth immediately afterwards).

So, they were good — not knock-your-socks-off great, but solidly good, and I’m very happy to have had an excuse to try them, because it was a lingering item on my “to-do while in Switzerland” list. Now, I’m off to try to walk off some of the sugar and capture some fall colours on my camera.

Before I go, though, let me say that although we are not doing much to celebrate this holiday (apart from eating tarts with lower-than-usual guilt levels), we are feeling thankful. Thankful to still be on this amazing expat adventure, and thankful for our amazing families, far away though you may be.

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Worms & thanks

  1. So, dear Writer, there’s a new book idea staring leaping up, trying to get your attention.

    How To Eat Baked Worms

  2. Pumpkin pie is a favourite of mine–I think it is all about getting the spice balance right. But I agree that these worms look a lot more fun to eat. I might try making the worms with hazelnut instead of chestnut! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I would love to try this (she said, knowing there is a pumpkin pie on the counter.) Is that icing on top? A redeeming hügel of sweetness on top of the worms?

  4. It sounds interesting and anything which is slathered in whipped cream has to be tasty! Think I’ll stick with pumpkin pie though:). We have some left over for tonight, so I’ll call this one your piece.

  5. Worms topped by cold mashed ‘taters… should go well with catfish topped by parsnips!! Hey !! this is NOT Joan talking, it is Boppy.

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