Chronicles of a writer abroad

A November hike


Most people in Switzerland have long since declared the hiking season vorbei. I was generally in this camp as well: since you can’t be sure when winter hits the mountains, it seems risky to travel several hours only to find that your planned route is snowed-out. However, a friend of ours was visiting from Canada last week and we wanted to show her the beauty of the Swiss mountains, so on Sunday four of us headed to Braunwald, a couple of hours southeast of Zürich.

To my surprise, this ended up being one of the most enjoyable hikes I’ve done in Switzerland so far. The weather was beautiful; strangely, it was warmer at 1600 meters above sea level (which is where we got off a gondola to begin the hike) and above than it was back in the city — I attribute this to the Föhn.  The sun was not consistent, but we were never cold, and at some point when it was shining strongly, people were stripped down to their t-shirts or wicking layers, and it was hard to believe that it wasn’t a summer day. We had beautiful views of the Alps throughout our trek on the aptly-named panoramaweg, and it was a great way to really and truly close the hiking season.

And now, let’s let the pictures do the talking, shall we? 🙂

Can you spot the glacier?

Typical single-file goat path often encountered in the mountains

Alpine lake

Our friend D taking in the view

It doesn't get much more rustic than this

They really mean it when they call this place a hiker's paradise


Okay, I’ll explain this last one. It is my post-hike dinner: a vol-au-vent filled with mushroom ragout, spaetzle (German egg noodles), brussels sprouts, red cabbage cooked in wine and topped with steamed chestnuts, and a poached pear and grapes. I obtained this plate of deliciousness at a Zürich restaurant specializing in sausages and German-style potato salad, which is what my fellow diners ordered. I did not envy them their meats at all, though they seemed to enjoy them, and they probably do not envy me my iron-deficiency anemia (but that’s a topic for another post).


2 thoughts on “A November hike

  1. I’m not sure which is the more enchanting – the hike or your supper. I think it’s because I’m hungry at the moment, waiting for supper to cook. Any time in November a hike is pleasant has got to be a bonus. I love the photo of you two!

  2. A hiker’s dream! Thanks for the photos – dinner looked good too. I remember your post about the Fohn (sorry no umlauts on my computer) – so cool that you got to experience the results of that weather phenomenon.

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