Chronicles of a writer abroad

The seasons, they are a-changin’


Big, fat, beautiful flakes have begun to fall outside of my apartment’s windows. The first official day of winter is a few days away. Christmas is next weekend — can it be true?

All of this reminded me that I still had some fall-related photos kicking around on my memory card. These were taken during a walk along the Limmat river on a beautiful day in November. I hope you enjoy them.

The person who polished those garbage cans above would want you to note how shiny they are.

Hope the beginning of winter is bringing you delight, wherever you live.

P.S. A family member alerted me to an article about how to spend 2 days/nights in Zurich, which ran in Friday’s Toronto Star. See if it doesn’t entice you to come visit (but allow me to assure you that you don’t need to spend as much money as this reporter did in order to have a very nice time here).

P.P.S. A quick and fun game that’s been circling the internet: Which song topped the charts the week you were born? Find  it here. Mine is Joan Jett’s rendition of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” — not bad!


4 thoughts on “The seasons, they are a-changin’

  1. Big, fat, beautiful flakes – yes, in Zurich but not so much in Sidney, thank you :). We will settle for a green, rainy Christmas this year.
    Love the fall colours of the trees on your walk. They seem to be the same quiet shades we see on the west coast, although our yellows were brilliant gold this year – spectacular and they lasted for several weeks before the rains came.
    Enjoy the snow!

  2. YES!! That link just made my day! My song is when doves cry by Prince. Doesn’t get much more 80s and lets just admit it – any better than that 🙂

    Nice pictures!

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