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City of (Christmas) Light


As promised, I’m providing some photos of Zürich decked out in its Christmas finery. I am not at all skilled at taking nighttime photos, but please try to enjoy these anyway — I endured painfully cold fingers in order to get them! Most of the photos are from the city’s old town and the ultra-trendy Bahnhofstrasse.

Click on one to view larger/scroll through:

6 thoughts on “City of (Christmas) Light

  1. Beautiful photos! Will there be fireworks for New Year’s Eve? I was in Munich for New Year’s Eve 2003 when fireworks were lit from the tops of the bell towers.

  2. I agree with Leah – beautiful pix. Thanks for freezing your fingers so we could share in the beauty of Zurich at night.
    Can you stay up till midnight? We gave up several years ago and decided it was midnight somewhere in the world when we went to bed:).
    Happy New Year!

  3. While you had to endure freezing fingers, I think it was worth it as you really captured some magical moments – thank you for sharing. I can see how particularly lovely it would all be with snow! Happy New Year to you both!
    Love, Tracy

  4. Those hanging lights over the streets are really pretty! Thanks for the photos.

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