Chronicles of a writer abroad

The anniversary letter


Dear Schweiz/Schwyz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra/Confoederatio Helvetica,

So many names, because so many have fallen in love with you.

It turns out that even we are not immune to your charms. And here it is, our anniversary with you — we’ve been living on your soil for one year now. And what a year it has been!

First we got to know your big city pretty well…

And later we branched out to see some of your other urban areas.

We couldn’t stay off your peaks in winter…

…or in summer.

We had fun meeting your animals…

…discovering your storybook villages…

…as well as some of your wacky traditions.

This year we ate, and ate, and ate……until you made us kind of fat.

But we wouldn’t stay mad at you for that…especially since you lured some of our family members to come and visit us.

And let’s not forget that we were able to use you as a jumping-off point for some pretty excellent adventures outside your borders.

And all throughout this year, we were so enthralled that we couldn’t help but share all of this beauty with others.

Note: not my camera. I wish it was.

So happy one year anniversary, Switzerland, and here’s to at least one more.

It’s been wunderschön, magnifique, fantastico, and…sorry, but we still don’t speak any Romansch.

Love, Kristen and Stelian

7 thoughts on “The anniversary letter

  1. Lovely retrospective! When you put all those great shots together in one place, it really shows how much you’ve done in a year, and the beauty shines through. Congratulations on a memorable year!

  2. Thanks, Kristen, as always… You have enabled the rest of us to find pleasure, too, in Switzerland’s amazing beauty [and differences from Canada], through your comments and photos.
    Happy New Year to both you and Stelian!

  3. Happy Anniversary Kristen and Stelian! Your adventures have been enjoyed and discussed so many times. May 2012 be an equally adventuresome and lovely year for you two. Looking forward to more Milchtoast fixes! Love to you both as you start year #2 …

  4. What a year it has been! We have enjoyed vicariously your journey through this year, the interesting customs you have encountered, some of them fun, some not so much :).
    Switzerland is certainly an amazing, beautiful country and your pictures do it justice. Thanks for sharing – we look forward to this new year and whatever it may bring your way.
    Happy Anniversary and love to you both.

  5. This is my favourite blog post so far. What a great collection of photos and stories!

  6. What a lovely post. I am definitely adding Switzerland to our list of must-see places.

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