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Spring is sweet (sappy, even)

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Spring is sweet, isn’t it?

The other day, walking home from a German lesson and enjoying the flavours of a warm late-March day — soft sunshine, robins chirping, crocus and daffodil-dotted grass, kids running home from school with unneeded jackets flapping in their arms — I decided that the four seasons can be mapped to the four tastes. Spring is sweet; summer salty; fall sour…and we all know how bitter winter can be.

Agree? Disagree? Worth writing bad poetry about? Too bad — I already went there.

Spring is sweet, bud-filled mornings/Summer salty, spicy nights.                                      Fall is citrus-sour leaves in afternoon/Winter bitter evenings without light.

Hey, don’t judge too harshly. When was the last time you wrote a poem?


In any case, Zürich is a beautiful place to be this time of year. Everything imaginable is blooming: the aforementioned flowers; magnolia trees; cherry trees; a ubiquitous and pretty type of  bright yellow bush. On the weekends I’ve been running far up the Limmat River, sometimes all the way to Aargau, a canton to the west of Canton Zürich. Often, once I’ve gone far enough, I’m all alone with the water on one side and the budding forest on the other. I hope to always live in a city that’s within reach of this kind of wilderness.

So, the thing about all this nice weather is that it tends to put a person in a good mood. As a blogger, this is not necessarily a good thing. My will to analyze, to dissect, to critique…it  just sort of floats off on the perfumed breeze. There are things I have considered blogging about (such as how I was convinced to see The Hunger Games movie and quite disliked it), but they have seemed too incongruent, too discordant with the soft strains of spring sounding outside my window. It’s like Mother Nature is telling me to chill out…and unaccountably, I am listening.

True story: today we had a thunderstorm, and it was one of the politest weather phenomena I have ever seen or heard. It basically said this (to be read in an English accent): Oh, excuse me, love. I’m so sorry, but I’ll have to interrupt the day for just a jiffy.  Terribly sorry about this — BANG! BOOM! There, all done, I’m out of your way now. Here, have the sun back.

So that’s the reason for my silence — I’m trying to soak up as much spring mojo as I can. Perhaps I’ll try to take and share some pictures soon. But if there are no substantive posts for a bit, it’s because spring is sweet…and in its clutches, so am I.


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