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Vienna Part II: The best things are free


In the spirit of offering genuinely useful travel advice (which I occasionally aim to do), I planned to write a post about which Vienna attractions we found “worth it,” in terms of the time and money spent, and which we might not recommend or do again. In the process of writing said post, I realized how many enjoyable things on our trip were completely without cost. Vienna is a high-class city, but there is a lot to savour, for free, outside of its fancy restaurants and decked-out palaces. So here, I present

The Top Ten Totally Free Things to Enjoy in Vienna 

(and we’ll talk paid attractions next time).

10. Wander the streets in the city centre — the sights are magical by day and by night.

9. Watch people taking carriage rides. Bonus: by watching, you get all of the nostalgia and romance, with none of the personal embarrassment.

8. Stop to listen to some very talented street musicians.

7. Visit a very famous church (one that I wish I’d taken a better picture of — es tut mir leid, Stephansdom).

6. Visit the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace — it costs to tour the interior, but the exterior and grounds are the best part, in my opinion.

5. Take a stroll through a great city park (the Stadtpark).

4. Appreciate art on the street.

3. Do some window shopping.

2. Take in an opera al fresco — when playing, operas are projected live on a screen outside the Opernhaus.

1. Tiptoe through the tulips (also in the Stadtpark).

I feel compelled to explain that I am not actually trampling on flowers here; I am standing on a swath of concrete separating two differently-coloured flowerbeds, but the photog (Stelian) did a good job of concealing that.


3 thoughts on “Vienna Part II: The best things are free

  1. A delightful city to visit. I envy your strong young legs :). I’m travelling vicariously through you and Stelian. Certainly walking is the best way to see the streets and all for free – I like that!
    The church is magnificent. Did you go inside? Gee, you didn’t have to go all the way to Vienna to watch horse-drawn carriages. You could just hop over to Victoria on a sunny day. Looking forward to the next installment of pictures.

  2. Great photos!!! I was in Vienna for a couple of days last summer and I loved walking around the city. Schloss Schonbrunn was definitely a highlight for me. Did you see the stone Holocaust memorial or find Mozart balls (little balls wrapped in gold foil consisting of chocolate with marzipan inside)? I salivated over your first post with all the desserts–I would say apfelstrudel with a nice Viennese coffee is about as good as it gets! I admit that I had that for breakfast one day 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! Definitely lots of good stuff to see for free!

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