Chronicles of a writer abroad

If you don’t like the weather…


…wait five minutes.

How many people in how many places try to claim this saying for their meteorological patterns? I’ve encountered many hyperbolic uses of it. If there is a German version of the adage, however, I think Zürchers deserve to employ it. The weather here lately has been as changeable and chameleonic as Lady Gaga’s fascinators. I can leave my house for a short run on a perfectly sunny afternoon and find myself caught in a crazy downpour before I’ve reached home.

Now that it’s June, we’re eager to begin our season of weekend hiking. But the forecast for the past few Sundays has been for rain, and because of the tendency for said rain to be so sudden and so severe (unlike the all-day, lighter rain we became accustomed to in Vancouver) we’ve been holding off on far-away hikes and hanging out in Zürich instead. And our walks around here have been perfectly lovely, if intermittently rainy. Here are some pictures taken along the way…hope you enjoy them.

Rolling hills just outside the city

The Zürichsee just before it began to pour

Lazy Sunday cows

Land & sky

University of Zürich, Irchel campus

Walks with Stelian include free lessons in agriculture…

…and new friends 🙂

Fountain in the Zürichberg forest


10 thoughts on “If you don’t like the weather…

  1. Finally found your posts in my reader 😉
    I’m so impatient for the summer to start! The constant change of weather is making me moody, it has to stop! Nice photos anyway, grey days can be photogenic too.

  2. Our weather has been all over the place too, and a bit cold for June. I hope you get your summer weather soon. I love how green everything is in Switzerland! The Land & Sky shot is great: rain might not be so pleasant, but clouds make for some great photos.

  3. Hey Kristen! Love the Land & Sky photo! Where was it taken?

  4. The Land and Sky shot really grabbed me! I can almost feel it and see it moving! I like the boats, too.

  5. and here I liked the horse/Stelian photo …

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