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Paris, encore


I’ve been in an early-summer slump lately. Or maybe it is more like a wilt, akin to the way delicate plants behave when hit with too much sun. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of hot summer days — they burn my skin if I’m not religious about sunscreen, they make running more difficult, they sap my energy and leave me feeling generally unmotivated. On top of all these complaints, I have a summer cold — a thing that shouldn’t be allowed due to its oxymoronic quality.

But in a couple of days I’m heading to Paris. Yes, again! This time I’m going for a week-long writer’s workshop (gulp — kinda scary) which I will report back on when I return.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Paris is not among my favourite European cities. I have felt, in my visits, like I’ve failed to “get” it — perhaps because I’m not really one for shopping, and because French food often overwhelms me. But I’m definitely not going to complain about the chance to spend a week there in summer. And who knows — maybe this will be the time that I stumble onto a secret gem that isn’t overrun with other tourists. Or maybe this time I will catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower at night in a way that takes my breath away, as I have heard others describe.

If nothing else, I hope to be back in July with new insights on writing and renewed energy for blogging!

P.S. Got any Paris tips — things to do, see, eat? I’d love to hear them. 


8 thoughts on “Paris, encore

  1. Whether you like coffee or Hemingway (or not,) wouldn’t a steamy latte on the left bank while reading a second-hand, locally-sourced novel by Hemingway improve your cold? Envious in Toronto,

  2. Visit Place des Vosges–the oldest planned square in Paris, and my favourite nook!!! It is a small green park enclosed by stunning 17th c. architecture on all four sides. Bring a book because it’s a beautiful place to sit and read, with lots of benches in the shade if you get there early enough. Maybe you will even find some writerly inspiration there–Victor Hugo lived in one of the apartments enclosing the park.

    Even better, walk over to Place des Vosges from Notre Dame. That will take you through the Marais district which is mainly residential with some smaller, more interesting art galleries, shops and bakeries. If you wander along Rue Saint-Antoine towards Pl. de la Bastille, or up Bd. Beaumarchais you will find some of the best boulangers and patissiers around, mixed in with other more commercial shops.

  3. hi Kristen, I have no tips for Paris but I do want to congratulate you on your courage in attending another writers’ workshop! I hope you have a wonderful week – in the workshop and in Paris.

  4. there’s a british lady who lives in paris and has a great food blog (she’s just become a little bit famous on my little island with a 6-episode tv programme and a new cookbook) – she has suggestions for great french eating if you have time to scroll through:


  5. Hi Kristen,
    Enjoy your trip in Paris, I hope you have a lot of fun there! And I am looking forward to hearing more about the writing workshop 🙂
    See you soon, Aurélie

  6. Never been to Paris, but I will eagerly await your tour-guide notes and photos!

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