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Street art in Zürich


Zürich has a bit of a reputation for being stodgy and old-fashioned. And while the city can be maddeningly uniform in places, and it can sometimes feel as though the cleanliness is bordering on obsessiveness (remember that the garbage cans are polished regularly), some bursts of gritty creativity occasionally break through the orderly facade. One thing our visiting relatives often notice is that there is a lot of graffiti covering the city. Most of it doesn’t qualify as artful — its sole intent seems to be to mar beautiful places and things, which I think is a shame.

But street art is a different thing altogether — it’s something that I appreciate when carried out with a passion for creativity. Here is a complex on Rötelstrasse (in the Wipkingen area), painted by Zürich artist collective One Truth Crew. The mural sort of unfolds from different angles as you go past. I’ve been admiring this since it appeared on one of my running routes a short while ago, and I finally got around to photo-documenting it.

What do you think? Do you like this kind of street art, or do you consider it an eyesore?


9 thoughts on “Street art in Zürich

  1. I saw this recently too and was really impressed! I also like checking out what new graffiti is down at the Letten every few weeks.

    • That’s true about the Letten. I’ve seen some pretty professional-looking guys working down there with a bunch of equipment in bright daylight, especially in the skate-park area.

  2. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing, I’d never seen it before 🙂

  3. You were quicker than me! I’ve also been wanting to post about this for long, I just love it. So I’ll just share your blog and great pictures on Bons baisers de Zurich 🙂

  4. I think it is great, creative and certainly an improvement on any of the ugliness we see here in the Victoria area.

  5. There is a graffiti art installation going on in downtown Toronto this weekend by some kind of a collective. They are using several garage doors in a row of garage doors along a back alley that have been vandalized. Can’t wait to see the results. I think Zurich graffitistas are a little more whimsical than T. artists. What do you think?

  6. I was amazed this summer by how little graffiti we saw in Rome (thank goodness) and by how much we saw in Athens (shame), but the street art you showcase is, in my opinion, in a different league altogether. Bring on the whimsy!

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