Chronicles of a writer abroad

A concession


Summer is an excellent study in contrasts. I like to complain about it, and accuse it of being cruel, but the truth is that its pleasures stand in stark relief to its pains. On a 33-degree day in a city without air-conditioning, I can think that I’ll never feel cold again, but suddenly I’m swimming in the river or lake, covered in goosebumps and missing the warm air. I can think that my thirst will never be quenched, but then following an impish smile and a crooked finger from our neighborhood fruit lady (who has a crush on Stelian), we’re at home using two spoons to dig into one half of a glorious watermelon that she’d been storing in a refrigerated case. The forecast can show days of unrelenting heat, and then a fierce summer storm can blow in out of nowhere. A sweaty, muggy day can be followed by a deliciously cool, starry night. So yes, Summer, you deserve points for keeping things interesting. I’m still in agreement with a lot of this, though.

A now-deflated flotation device used to cruise 2km down the river during last weekend’s Limmatschwimmen


4 thoughts on “A concession

  1. Hey Kristen! How was the Limmatschwimmen? We missed out on tickets – have to wait till next year 😦
    Hope you’re well!

    • Hi Ratri! Yes, I heard they sold out fast this year. I’d say it’s worth doing for sure — so fun to float past all the bridges and stuff. Hope to catch up with you guys sometime!

  2. You know how we on the west coast gloat in the winter on our temperate days. This summer we have had to complain about the cool, cloudy weather (:. Except for three days last week when we finally reached 30C, it has been cardigan weather for goodness sake.
    Sending cool thoughts your way. xo

  3. I think (s)he wants to go for a walk [see photo]

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