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A few fall festivals


September brings a number of interesting events to this fair country. There is, of course, the cow parade, which I want to make a point of seeing next year (assuming we’re still living here then). Then there is the lesser-known Kurbisregatta, in which farmers race across a lake using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vessel. Sadly I did not see this in person either, but a look through the images on that page is rather rewarding.

Stelian and I did, however, manage to take part in the film festival happening here in Zurich; last weekend we saw the film Sleepwalk with Me, written by and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia. I was familiar with Birbiglia as an occasional contributor to This American Life,  so I knew I enjoyed his sense of humour. Sleepwalking is also a topic that I relate to on a personal level. While I have (repeatedly) experienced it, Birbiglia, on the other hand, can really be said to have suffered from it…the movie tells his story in excruciating and hilarious detail. I liked the film — it certainly made us laugh, even if it seemed to lack focus at times. If it’s not playing in a theatre near you, I recommend in its stead this episode of This American Life, in which Birbiglia tells his story, which if you’re like me, will have you laughing until you can’t breathe. Good times.

Anything interesting happening near you this month? 

7 thoughts on “A few fall festivals

  1. I saw Sleepwalk With Me last Monday and enjoyed it very much. The end was a bit brutal to my taste but I laughed and smile enough to make up for it. I’m off to check this video you mentioned 🙂

  2. Heard good things about ‘Sleepwalk with me’, thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Kristen you’ve reminded me that we’ve missed the Kurbisregatta this year too! However, we’ve got the Kurbisaustellung in the diary. Looking forward to seeing how Juckerfarmart interpret the “Olympic” theme. Thanks for the post!

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