Chronicles of a writer abroad

Winter(ish) in Zürich


There are some enjoyable things about being in Zürich at this time of year, as I recently alluded to. The lights. The Christmas markets. The stands selling heisse maroni and glühwein (roasted chestnuts and hot mulled wine; I love how both of these things smell). The arguments held on Facebook between expats of different nations concerning whether a brisky day in early December can be fairly called “a winter day” (are you militant about the Solstice definition?). The exclamations of adults who come from other, warmer lands and are just beginning to experience winter (“but it actually HURTS!”).

And my favourite thing: the clear, crisp days when the forests surrounding the city are  freshly dusted with snow, so that it feels like we’re inhabiting a giant sugar bowl. The heavy and ever-present clouds only add to the dreaminess of the skyline. I tried to capture what I’m talking about after my German class today. Remember the pictures of Zürich in fall? The two below are taken from the same spot on ETH’s Polyterrasse. Enjoy, and tell me: what’s great about winter (or “winter” as it might be until Dec. 21st) where you live?






2 thoughts on “Winter(ish) in Zürich

  1. Well, you have experienced a “wet” coast winter, so I don’t have to remind you of the grey days, some plain grey, some medium grey and more of them dark grey! I almost envy you the snow but not quite -:). Now gluwein and roasted chestnuts are something else and they certainly sound wintery and welcoming.

    What are you going to do at Christmas this year? We are going to North Van to watch Kato the cat learn that he really must NOT climb the Christmas tree!

    • There are things that I miss about winter on the west coast — not worrying about snow or ice during runs, and not having my skin become incredibly dry as it does here. But the snow may be prettier than rain from indoors, it’s true. We are staying in Zurich for Christmas but we plan to go skiing in some local mountains during that week as well.

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